slow breathing.
I'm elyssa. im a mommy. im stlll growing. im a senior. weed stays in my system. cali bound. living life slowly.
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Just because someone’s parents are together, someone has a nice house, has nice clothes, isn’t poor, eats every day and has a loving family doesn’t mean they can’t be depressed, have anxiety, an eating disorder, self harm issues, or any other problem.

The world NEEDS to know this

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I kissed the scars on her skin
I still think you’re beautiful
And I don’t ever want to lose my best friend.
I screamed out, “God, you vulture,
Bring her back or take me with her”




happy wednesday 

LOL, this is gonna be my new Wednesday thing


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Unless you’re bipolar, you have no idea how awful & painful the crash is from a maniac episode to a depressive episode.

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2 | 20 best album lyrics - SEMPITERNAL by Bring Me The Horizon

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